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Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips Recipe

Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips Recipe
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Prepare the ingredients before making Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips in your home. Then, follow these steps below to serve Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips for your family or friends.

Ingredients: Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips


How to Make Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips

If you have prepared the ingredients needed, now time to start cooking. There are 30 steps you must follow to make Mike's Proven Weight Loss Tips in your home by yourself.

    Step 1
  • NEVER start a diet that prompts or encourages you to starve yourself. It'll cause your body to go directly into starvation mode and you won't see any weight loss whatsoever for MANY weeks. It's actually called, "starvation mode." Your body will dive directly in to protect itself and hold onto your fat content. By that time, we've just given up. Haven't we? Besides, it's just unhealthy. Both mentally and physically so, don't. I also encourage you to Google everything you read on this post for your own knowledge and peace of mind.
  • Step 2
  • What you're looking for mostly is a high protein - low carbohydrate diet. Carbs can potentially increase what's listed as a, "true caloric content," on your packaging by 3 times. Avoiding carbs is what will trick your metabolism into shedding weight quickly. However, know that this type of diet can increase your cholesterol significantly. So, ALWAYS check with your PCP before starting ANY diet. Also, have your CBC's [cholesterol & triglycerides] monitored closely and regularly.
  • Step 3
  • When dining in or out, ALWAYS eat your proteins first. Be it steak, chicken, eggs, seafood, cheeses, etc,. Double them even. Then, eat your vegetables. If having a salad - choose an oil vinegar based dressing - a lemon - garlic olive oil based dressing or, even a sour cream based dressing. Following that, feed on what else you care to. Chances are, you won't be hungry enough to finish those fries or baked potato. You may nibble a bit but, you'll find you'll carry little interest in them. Also, consider how much protein will weigh on your tummy.
  • Step 4
  • Low carb soups are great for dieters since you're forced to naturally eat them at a slower pace. So, heat them up well folks! With that slow pace, your blood sugars will tell you you're fuller - much quicker. Try my low carb - negative calorie beef vegetable soup recipe. Eat 2 large or, 4 smaller bowls per day for 2 weeks to kick your metabolism into high gear! Just follow the recipe exactly. Omit anything you can't stand but, be VERY careful of adding any replacements. Many vegetables can be very high in carbs! Also, add 1 healthy meal and intermittent low carb snacks. Read recipe below for full details.
  • Step 5
  • Do your best to chew your food 20 times. It'll not only aid in digestion but, it'll signal your blood sugar levels you're fuller - much quicker. This trick really works!
  • Step 6
  • I realize this tip sucks but, drink as much ice water throughout the day as you possibly can. Not soda - not even diet soda. Water. Add lemon or lime as well. Not only will it curb your appetite but, it will flush ALL the fat your body is quickly shedding from your system. You'll definitely want that! ° Here's what I see as a, "purchase must," for you and will help you out immensely. It's called Hydro Flask and comes in numerous sizes and colors. Pictured is the 40 oz flask. Folks, I've never seen anything like it. Place ice inside of it with water - and believe it or not - 24 + hours later - in the desert heat - there will STILL be ice floating! And, water so cold - it'll literally be hard to swallow! I just tested this flask out while camping this weekend and I'm still amazed by this product! It's pricey mind you - about $50.00 thru Amazon but, has a 100% lifetime guarantee. Lastly, I'm gaining nothing by endor
  • Step 7
  • Never, ever, feed past 8:00 at night. In fact, stop feeding after 7:00 p.m. unless it's a low carb snack option. See low carb snack options at the base of this thread. Many are not my recipes but they're fantastic options from top Cooks and Chefs from this very site! See step #2 on the potato salad recipe below for perfect boiled eggs every time. Those are a great low carb-high protein option. In fact, always have boiled eggs in your fridge at the ready! Add hot sauces like Tabasco or Habanero Sauce to your boiled eggs for a solid kick in the pants! Besides, capsaicins have been proven to speed your metabolism, increase your endorphins and help to lower your blood pressure! [don't make the potato salad recipe tho! she's kinda sorta of fattening!]
  • Step 8
  • Avoid eating in front of your TV, computer or cell phone. The neurological distractions are far too great and you'll over feed every time. If you feel you must, make them low carb and well monitored, i.e., 2 celery sticks with cream cheese - cut into smaller pieces. Or, 2 boiled eggs [cut into 4's] with Tabasco Sauce. Sliced, rolled fresh deli meats with cream cheese inside are great too!
  • Step 9
  • Find a dish that you enjoy that's lower in calories and carbs that will fill you up and, make plenty of it. Enough that you'll actually think you'll have to fight to finish it all. A great example of this idea is a very low calorie bread, [as pictured or, use lettuce to wrap] mayonnaise, brown mustard, hearty amounts of deli sliced turkey and ham, a slice of sharp cheddar cheese topped with crispy lettuce. Toast your bread for extra bite. Along with your delicious, absolutely tummy filling sandwich, consider adding these flavorful sides. Two extra large Claussens Pickle Halves, a large, firm slic
  • Step 10
  • With the exception of raw sugars, never tell yourself there are foods you CANNOT have. [sugars really are your enemy] Find a logical, responsible way to incorporate forbidden foods into your diet if need be. We are ALL literally our own worst enemies in that respect. So, don't call out your rebel. Feel free to comprise with yourself and soothe that savage beast occasionally!
  • Step 11
  • If you feel you just can't give up sugary drinks - try diet drinks like Diet Dr. Pepper. It'll carry that sweet taste you crave. If not, consider a refreshing iced tea. Try Equal, Splenda, Sweet & Low or Stevia artificial sweetners instead.
  • Step 12
  • Go ahead! Purchase those skinny sized jeans or sexy black dress you want to fit in to. Leave them hanging in a conspicuous area of your bedroom. Also, post a picture of yourself, at any age, when you really felt good about yourself. Post it on the fridge right by the handle. On your bathroom mirror, post a note that says, "I refuse to give up on myself! I'm worth all of this!" One of my favorite expressions is, "See yourself the way God sees you. No one else. Not even yourself." And, I'm not even all that religious. These tricks really do work!
  • Step 13
  • If there's any way possible, exercise at least 15 minutes per day. More if possible. That's it. It's enough to speed up your metabolism and set the positive pace for your thyroid / metabolism for the rest of the day. Resistance exercises are great. Like standing pushups on your bedroom wall. Know that you'll build muscles rather quickly and this will add to your weight. Just know - your not gaining weight. YOU'RE NOW MUSCULAR!
  • Step 14
  • If craving fast food, like say, a Double Quarter Pounder, try to choose a burger that's flame broiled. Like Burger King. It's far less fat, less cholesterol and much better for your heart and triglycerides. Go ahead, order the fries as well. Just make certain you pull the bread and eat the meat and cheese first! Also, order extra everything on the vegetables, i.e,. pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions. Most popular fast food chains will not charge extra for these options. Feed on those vegetables secondary after the meat. Then, decide if you're still hungry enough to feed any further. Trust me, by that time, two soggy pieces of bread and limp fries will NOT look that appealing to you at all!
  • Step 15
  • Do your best to avoid salt / sodium. It will only cause you to retain weight, [water weight] and cause you to carry a defeatist attitude once weighing yourself. Plus, sodium can easily raise your blood pressure. A great substitute is hot sauce. Especially, Green Tabasco!
  • Step 16
  • One of my favorite tips is, "If your great grandmother wouldn't recognize it, don't bother eating it!"
  • Step 17
  • Do not weigh yourself every day. It'll only aid, again, in a defeatist attitude. Try it once a week, first thing in the morning with no coffee or fluids in you, naked on an accurate, calibrated scale. Remember, your weight during the day from meals to fluids can increase your weight [inaccurately] by as much as 7 pounds. Trust me.
  • Step 18
  • Drink an 8 oz glass of ice water with lemon or lime quickly before every meal. It'll not only fill you up but, shock your tummy into thinking it's no longer hungry. In fact, you'll feel a bit sickly for a few minutes following that.
  • Step 19
  • In fact, eat or drink citrus every day. Vitamin C inhibits the production of cortisol, a hormone that essentially tells your body to, "store fat." Eat a few orange or grapefruit slices with breakfast.
  • Step 20
  • Drink hot decaffeinated teas and coffee to curb your appetite when available. They'll also soothe your temperamental tummy.
  • Step 21
  • Try not to wear sweatpants or, super loose clothing. You'll never know when you're putting on excess weight. Or, even losing it for that matter!
  • Step 22
  • Brussel Sprouts have recently been discovered to be an excellent weight loss tool! I've tried this myself! Proven! 1 cup a day with butter - every day - almost guarantees a loss of 1 pound per week with little to no other effort. I buy the frozen brussels with butter. Either Pictsweet or Green Giant. There's virtually none of that YUCKY sprout flavor you remember from your childhood. Just heat and eat! Great for lunches at work!
  • Step 23
  • Avoid alcohol of any kind at all if possible. Not only does alcohol carry many excess calories but, alcohol also slows down your metabolism. We dieters call that waisted real estate - tummy wise. However, if you do choose to drink alcohol, make certain you calculate that caloric intake as food. I've found that Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi with Vodka is the lowest in carbs and calories. Or, try this drink listed below.
  • Step 24
  • Foods low in carbohydrates are: Lean meats Un-breaded chicken and fish Seafood Soy products Eggs Low-fat cottage cheese Reduced fat cheeses Vegetable Oils Nuts, seeds and peanut butter (in moderation since they do contain some carbohydrates) Leafy greens Cauliflower Onions Broccoli Bell peppers Tomatoes Celery and Cucumbers
  • Step 25
  • Ice cold Sashimi with Wasabi [sushi without rice] is a great way to spoil yourself - if you enjoy it anyway! If not, go with King Crab Legs, lobster, oysters with hot sauce or, unbreaded shrimp with melted butter. Unsweetened butter is super low in carbs and hits your blood sugars quickly. The richness of the seafood will fill you up very quickly as well. So, feed generously!
  • Step 26
  • Just because vegetables are vegetables and fruits are fruits - does not mean they are low in carbohydrates. In fact, some of them are extremely high in carbohydrates. You may as well have a small ice cream cone. Always check to see the carbohydrate content in everything you eat. An excellent application on the web, although, I am not specifically endorsing it, is an application called myfitnesspal. It will essentially allow you to track everything you've fed upon throughout the day and calculate your caloric intake. It is extremely accurate. Down to the tablespoon even. Remember, knowledge is power.
  • Step 27
  • If there's one night, and we've all had them, where your only objective is to devour that entire Marie Callenders Coconut Cream Pie in the freezer - here's what you do. Swear to yourself that before you scarf it down - you have to go into the kitchen and eat at least 8 ozs of solid protein. Be it chicken, steak, hamburger, seafood, cheeses or, eggs. Even if you're forced to actually dethaw meat to do it. Following that, hit that pie sista! I dare ya! Chances are, you'll lose that craving REAL fast!
  • Step 28
  • Swap noodles with Spaghetti Squash. You'll also see many cheese/seafood based spreads and salsas listed below. Employ celery, sliced bell peppers, carrots or baked parmesean chips instead of crackers, breads or chips.
  • Step 29
  • Like boiled eggs - always have a store bought rotisserie chicken in your fridge at the ready. Speedy protein is everything when you're hungry! Chilled, low carb chocolate protein shakes work great as well if you're suffering from a sweet tooth!
  • Step 30
  • ° Figure out what foods you CANNOT live without and work from there. Mine are Hot Wings [great option if not honey based] and ANY breads! Well, I'm kinda screwed there. BUT, check out some of these AMAZING culinary options by our CRAZY imaginative Chefs on this very site listed below! ° Focus more on what you can eat and not what you can't. ° Note: Some of these recipes may picture crackers, chips, breads, rice or, even noodles. Stay the heck away from those empty starches. ° Also, if you have any questions or concerns about any one of these recipes listed, feel free to ask on the Authors recipe page. They are always best suited to answer you
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